Rihanna feat. Paul McCartney and Kanye West, FourFiveSeconds

Well shit. Color me surprised.

I’m really trying to figure this out. And maybe I’m making it so far more monumentous than it actually is. But this is good.

Strip it down, and it’s Rihanna doing pop-country-down-home-in-the-hood-oh-wait-it goes-gospel-vocals. If it were. Sorry that’s frankly a bs description, but you get the idea.

Add a simple yet smart guitar line from a guy who was one of The Beatles. Yes, The fucking Beatles, children. A band you should know and thank for so much of what you listen to today, maybe look it up and learn some history.

And then there’s  Mr. Autotune egomaniac. Who is going sans autotuner. Mostly. And he’s not completely annoying.

And listening to the lyrics, it could be the story of my life, so that makes me laugh and smile.

I hope you understand. ‘That just ain’t upsell.’

UPDATE: 2/6/15- the official video has been released.


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