Shana Falana, Go / Shine On

Brooklyn shoegaze duo Shana Falana is my new favorite band right now.

SET YOUR LIGHTNING FIRE FREE  // OUT NOW VIA TEAM LOVE RECORDSLP/Digital: your local record store first!

Set Your Lightning Fire Free is their debut full length that was just released, and it’s a solid album beginning to end. Loving it. Dream-pop with a bit of psych and goth thrown in for good measure, and fantastic vocals from Ms. Falana herself. And check out this album art work, totally indicative of what’s underneath.

I hear echoes of all sorts of 90’s female led bands all over this disc, which is what attracted me to it.  I hear Lush and a bit of Souxsie and Polly Jean Harvey, and even Zuzu’s Petals here and there, and there’s nothing wrong with that; Shana Falana brings it on their own and with a NY edge to it.

The track here, Go, is anthemic in it’s lyrics and in it’s crushing sound. Go and listen and love it.

Love. It.

As a bonus, I’ll share the softer side from the album with a beautiful bliss out moment called Shine On. Listen to more on Soundcloud, and check out the new album, out now on Team Love Records.


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