#TBT: New Order, Run

Another throw back Thursday in July, another New Order track.

New Order Technique Album Cover

This song reminds me of a (former) friend with whom I shared a lot of music interest with. He introduced me to Doves. We saw Saint Etienne together. We loathed everything u2 released post Zooropa. We were good friends.

I haven’t spoken to him in nearly 4 years over a stupid argument about politics, although that was really an excuse he used to end our friendship. It came down to him not being able to handle my misanthropy, and after what he told me in the argument about ‘testing’ me, me not being able to trust him. It all was very bizarre and sad.

Anyway, this track was one of his favorites by the group, and over time became one of mine as well. I think some of the lyrics echo parts of our relationship. Or maybe I’m trying to read too much into it.

So, from Technique, released in 1989, this is Run.


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