Grimes, Flesh Without Blood

Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, will be releasing fourth full length album, Art Angels, this Friday.

art angels: album next weekartwork by grimes

It’s been over year since Grimes released Go and teased a new album. In that time she has since scraped that album (perhaps for a future release?), toured with Lana Del Rey, released Entropy with Bleachers earlier this year, and teased us with REALiTi (which has also ended up on the new disc). Then last week she debut Flesh Without Blood and announced the new disc would be out this week. Finally.

Worth the wait? Yes. The new single brims with electricity and edginess, a nice contrast of her childlike vocals washing over a gritty beat. Friday is only 4 days away. Can’t wait to hear it all.

The video is a 2 part concept which flaunts her anime and cosplay influences; the second part showcases Life In the Vivid Dream, a quieter, atmospheric album track, after Flesh.


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