Grimes- four from Art Angels

Grimes finally dropped her fourth album, Art Angels, yesterday.

You need to be listening to this album, now.

To me, this is what pop should be. Great hooks, a beat you can latch on to, interesting and fun lyrics, and then a few edgy surprises. After a solid 24 hours of listening to the album from front to back 4 or 5 times through, I can affirm that I love love LOVE this album. It’s damn good.

I also think that if the masses out there have any taste at all, this needs to be embraced in the same way everyone has other recent pop albums. Like Taylor Swift’s 1989 (which the misanthrope can firmly say is damn catchy and a guilty pleasure). Or Lady Gaga’s The Fame. Or Adele’s 21. Or Madonna’s Confessions On The Dancefloor (the last time she really deserved some universal acclaim).  It really has the potential to be a pop cross over, without selling out, either. The album is true Grimes: she wrote and produced nearly everything here herself; It’s smart, ecelctic, and weird; and definitely the next step of evolution from her awesome 2012 album, Visions. There is something for nearly everyone on this album to be listening to and saying, ‘wow, that’s cool, I like that.’

The following are four of my (initial) favorites from the new album, and in addition to Flesh without Blood and Scream, are stand out tracks. California is the second track in, and essential launches the album with a electronica Dolly Parton vibe. Kill V. Maim is what I call the maniacal cheerleader chant track, with her belting in the refrain ‘B-E-H-A-V-E’. The album version of REALiTi is different from what she dropped several months ago, and a surprise as she initially said it wasn’t going to be on the album; it’s evolved into a darkwave club classic. Finally, Pin has the same pop sensibility as anything Taylor Swift has on the radio, but bonus, it’s bubbly without being saccharine.

So let me reiterate: listen to this album. Love it. It’s worth being in your playlist. This is music you should love. Or else.


Kill V. Maim




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