Lush is reuniting!!

So one of my favorite bands from the 1990s is reuniting and I’m sooooo fucking excited.

Lush in my backyard.jpg

Shoegaze dream pop band Lush have announce a set of new live shows in 2016, in London next May and in New York next September. According to lead singer/ guitarist Miki Berenyi, the time is right with the band for a return. Listen to her interview on BBC’s Radio 6 here:

I was lucky enough to see Lush three times in my late teens/ early 20s, and the last time I saw them was just a few months before drummer Chris Acland took his life in 1996, which eventually led to their breakup in 1998. Their sound, led by Miki and guitarist Emma Anderson, was one that initially defined shoegazer movement in the 1990s. As they developed over the next few years, their sound spread out in a Brit pop direction, entrenched by the power of Miki and Emma’s ethereal vocals and the pair’s shimmering guitar work. You can hear their influence in current bands Shana Falana, Best Coast, Chromatics and Dum Dum Girls.

According to Miki, enough time’s passed and the vibe feels right to play together again. Justin Welch of Elastica will be taking over drumming duties, and according to their twitter there are more north American shows to come (squeal!). And, the potential for new material is also out there! I’m in heaven.

So in honor of this news, here’s a few Lush tracks to get you ready for their return. They are a band you should love. Or else.


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