The best albums of 2015

This is my compiled list of the 10 best albums of the year, as determined by me.

1.Art Angels by Grimes- It’s Claire Boucher’s pop electronic masterpiece, and should be no surprise that it’s my album of the year. Nary a misstep here with 14 instant radio friendly singles, and other than vocal contributions from Janell Monae and Aristophanes, it’s all Grimes- the artwork, the music, the production, the instruments, everything. Everyone should have this on their iPod, and Taylor Swift wishes she could have made this album.

2.Currents by Tame Impala – Australian psych rockers third full length is the ultimate ‘breaking up’ disc. Less guitar and more electronic, nevertheless trippy and sprawling.

3.Set Your Lightning Fire Free by Shana Falana – New Yorker Shana brings us a stirring and solid debut full length. Echoes of PJ Harvey and Lush give it a 90’s edge. My favorite indie release and criminally underrated and ignored, pay attention to this lady.

4.The Magic Whip by Blur- A 90’s throwback, the reunited Brit Pop band sound like they never left us.

5/6.Thank Your Lucky Stars and Depression Cherry by Beach House- An embarrassment of riches, the Baltimore duo deliver 2 very different albums within two months of one another. Cherry is more spare and clean, while Stars is grimier and guitar focused.

7.Instrumentals 2015 by Flying Saucer Attack- After quite some time away, the electro noise outfit delivers some long needed atmosphere. A dark and layered soundtrack.

8.Fading Frontier by Deerhunter- Post accident release from Bradford Cox and crew, it’s an softer, introspective pop psych dream.

9.No Cities to Love by Sleater-Kinney- The Portland trio make a roaring, long needed comeback.

10.Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper by Panda Bear- Wild acid trip from the Animal Collective band member.


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