Grimes X HANA, The AC!D Reign Chronicles

Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) and singer Hana just released a new video collaboration called the AC!D Reign Chronicles.  It 7 music videos in a specific order, and features 4 tracks from last years’ brilliant Art Angels: ButterflyScream (featuring Aristophanes), World Princess Pt II and Belly of the Beat. It was filmed by Claire’s brother Mac Boucher and directed by Claire herself.

Naturally I have to share. Because it’s awesome music.

And Grimes’ album, my favorite and, imho, the best of 2015, was criminally under played.

Plus, Hana’s tracks are really cool too.

As a cut away bonus, check out the breezy electro pop magic that is World Princess, Pt. II.

Awwww, hell, I’ll just add for good measure Scream (featuring Aristophanes), which features the translated lyrics that are twisted and kind of sick and cool.

Enjoy your weekend.



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