The Rest of 2016

And now, a quick review of everything else that was 2016:

Most overrated and douchebag artist: For a record 4th year in a row, Kanye Kardashian!

Biggest dissapointment: PJ Harvey, The Hope Six Demolition Project (sorry, Polly Jean, it just wasn’t happening)

Second Biggest dissapointment: M83, Junk (yes, it was)

We are officially living in the Twilight Zone award: President-elect Donald Trump

Best Music Reunion: Lush

Best TV Reunion: (tie) Gilmore Girls and the cast of Will & Grace

Best film of the year that’s not Star Wars related: Moonlight

Best Docu-series: The Eighties on CNN

Dissappointing Reunion: Belly (I mean, they couldn’t even release anything new)

Saddest Breakup: Lush (for a second time)

Most Shocking Death: (tie) David Bowie and Prince

Most Predicted Death: Leonard Cohen (I mean, he essentially called it himself a month prior)

Saddest Death from my childhood: (tie) Florence Henderson and Kenny Baker

Most Overrate Album: Kanye West, Life of Pablo / Drake, Views

Most Underrate Album: Lady Gaga, Joanne

Best Live Show: Radiohead’s Lollapalooza set in Chicago

WTF moment that wasn’t the US Presidential election: The meeting of the egos- Kayne and the Donald

Best thing about 2016: It’s almost fucking over.




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