TBT: B-52s, Deadbeat Club

MTV Classics. It’s a thing, really. Fun nostalgia trip, to when they played videos.

Tonight, the B-52’s single, Deadbeat Club popped up recently on 120 Minutes. 120 Minutes: It’s the show that starting back in 1989, I watched religiously on Sunday nights. 2 hours of the best ‘alternative’ music out there.

Now, it’s an hour-long. But it’s still a great  blast from the past.

1989. I heard Channel Z, my second introduction to the B-52’s. My first was Legal Tender, which I just thought was quirky. But this. Something just captured my attention.

Cosmic Thing made a huge impression on me. I even saw the band live the summer of 1990, at Star Lake Amphitheater (now First Niagra something or other) In Burgettstown, PA. And at karaoke, Love Shack is my go to, I can do a mean Fred Schneider…But, I digress.

Flash forward, tonight: Deadbeat Club shows up in this 120 episode, and I get nostalgic, and next thing you know, I want to share. So, a little ray of sunshine during this cold snowy week. From 1989, it’s the B-52’s.

Bonus: Channel Z. Jusst… because.


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