about the misanthrope…

Rule number one of the misanthrope: there will be no apologies for what is posted here. My blog, my opinion, my attitude. You don’t like it? Don’t read it. Fuck off.
This is the misanthrope’s music guide to what you should be listening to. Yes, there’s some pop sensibility, but most of the time it’s music you may not have heard of. But you should. Because it’s better than 90% of top 40 radio.

And then because I have come to loathe the FB, this has become my arena to share other little blurbs. I am retiring my rants page and interspersing between the music some other random things. Maybe it’s a photo I want to share. Maybe it’s to throw out a rave about something I’ve watched or am watching. I’m trying a new direction and seeing where this goes. Music is still the focus, but I’m going to throw a few new things in and see what sticks. I hope you hang on for the ride.
Me? This is my 40s. I love music, giving my opinion, swearing and my chihuahua. I also enjoy bourbon, tequila, wine, pot, useless pop culture knowledge, photography, euchre and soccer and the Chicago Cubs. Long hot kisses are also not bad. Stupidity is a deal breaker. Buyer beware.


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